Structured Data, Schema & Other Delights - Raleigh SEO Meetup

Structured Data, Schema & Other Delights

Find out how the power and promise of structured data. It’s the future of the web and if you’re not riding this wave you will be left behind.

This session will be fairly nerdy, but even if you have never looked at HTML before you need to know it – it’s that important.

We were super excited to have AJ Kohn and David Amerland leading the discussion.

Aj Kohn

Aj Kohn

AJ will be joining us via Google Hangout on Air from his SEO Batcave out near San Francisco. His SEO Blog is one of the best places for learning the nuances of not on SEO, but Internet marketing in general.

AJ has been doing SEO so long, his site’s name “Blind 5 Year Old” is now a common sense term about how to treat the search engines.

When you ask the smartest people on the web who they recommend to talk about schema and the semantic web in general, they always mention AJ… so I tracked him down and lured him into helping out the most successful SEO Meetup in the country!

David Amerland

David Amerland

Google Semantic Search bookJust in case AJ alone wasn’t quite enough awesome for you, we also found David Amerland had some free time to share some of his knowledge on the semantic web.
If you don’t know David, he quite literally wrote the book on Google Semantic Search.

When David isn’t helping spread the Semantic gospel via Google+ he’s helping people and businesses achieve their goals on the web.

Watch The Replay


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