Google Direct Answers with Mark Traphagen - Raleigh SEO Meetup

Google Direct Answers with Mark Traphagen

Is Google taking your best information and putting it right on the search results page, bypassing the crucial step of sending traffic to your site?

Even if this isn’t happening to you right now, it has begun happening to a growing number of websites.

• What can you do about it?

• How can you benefit from Direct Answers on Google?

• How should you prepare your business to leverage this and get a jump on the competition?

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Mark Traphagan wrote a great article about Google Direct Answersand some of the takeaways from a panel discussion he attended earlier this year at SMX West. In that article, you can find links to the slide decks from the conference speakers. Additionally, you’ll find some analysis and a great discussion in the comments.

Mark’s agency, Stone Temple Consulting, has also done its own research into how Direct Answers both help and hurt sites, and he’ll be revealing their findings in his presentation.

This month, Mark is going to distill all this information into bite-size nuggets of action we can all implement in our own projects.

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