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Fix Your Paid Advertising and Increase Your ROI

Are you tired of wasting money online?

Does Google Ad Center just seem confusing?

Are your google ads just not converting?

If you said yes to any of these three, July’s SEO Meetup is here to help you.

Cole Watts from TheeDesign Studio and Nina Martinez from The Dots Media will walk you through the common mistakes that they see in most Adwords accounts.

Nina Martinez
Nina Martinez

Nina founded The Dots Media to provide established businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups with integrated marketing solutions and design services that enhance brand awareness, encourage social engagement, and drive conversions.

Nina focuses first on conversions, because revenue is the most important metric of all.

Cole Watts
Cole Watts

A Brand Strategist and Online Marketer at Thee Design Studio, Cole helps small and big businesses throughout the United States navigate their online needs.


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