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As the head of SEO at Hive Digital, Jake Bohall has over 10 years of experience helping marketing teams, large and small, identify and solve their most challenging SEO issues. 

Jake Bohall is Vice President and Head of SEO at Hive Digital, a marketing agency that assists companies working to create a better world. He discovered Hive Digital as a client seeking marketing advice and quickly fell in love with the search marketing industry and its ever-changing environment. His experience in founding several startups, ranging from insurance services and consulting to a social network for wine enthusiasts, gives him practical knowledge in assisting clients to grow their business. As Head of SEO, Jake leads a team in implementing technical onsite and offsite strategies for Hive Digital clients, which range from startups to Fortune 500’s.

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Jake has been helping businesses, large and small, successfully navigate SEO strategies for more than a decade and you can contact him on his Personal URLTwitter and LinkedIn

Jake is also part of our friends of Hive Digital and you can reach them on Twitter and Facebook

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