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Sharon Dawson is a Marketing Manager at TheeDesign. She plans and executes marketing campaigns to help small, local, and national companies get more customers and strengthen their branding, and leads a team of SEO gurus. She has two Amazon Echos in her home and has tested side by side results of search queries from Alexa vs SmartPhone, and the differences are enlightening.

Prior to TheeDesign, Sharon was the Webmaster at Burt’s Bees where she managed the b2b and b2c websites for the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.


How Amazon Echo and Google Home are changing the focus of SEO

The rise of voice searching with Amazon Echo or Google Home means that the ways we do SEO have to change. In this session, you'll learn about voice and natural language search, which search engines are on the rise as a result, how keywords need to change, and how important local search has become.

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Marketing Manager at TheeDesign who leads SEO campaigns and does daily voice searches through Amazon Echo, and has seen the way results are completely different than searching on my SmartPhone, you can contact Sharon on Twitter and LinkedIn

Sharon is also part of our partners of TheeDesign and they're on Facebook and Twitter


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