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A search advertising enthusiast bringing results to clients using the latest and greatest at Bing Ads.

Milton Reis joined Microsoft Search Advertising in early 2015 and started his career in search at a large media agency. Milton brings his knowledge of marketing, advertising, sales, and account services to his customers every day. Milton is known for his unique devotion to sales and exceeding customer expectations while growing his personal and professional mindset. In addition to his role, Milton has a passion for culture and works with teams Globally to continuously grow the collaborative and fun culture Microsoft is known for. Milton is a native of Portugal who currently resides in Boston. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling the world, learning about different cultures, and tasting different foods, most recently in Brazil & Israel.

The past, present and future of Microsoft's Bing

Bing is bigger than you think. With 34% of the market share in the US, advertisers are taking full advantage of the differentiation that the search engine has to offer. Learn about where we started, where we are and where we are going with our products and features.

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