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VP of Ops at Ayima Raleigh, Expertise in Link Dev and Indexation Strategies with 15+ years of experience

Building and ranking sites on search engines since high school, Ryan (@thebigguyry) has over 7 years enterprise level agency experience working with some of the biggest sites on the internet. Investigating what Google does with the web is his bread and butter, lucky to be working on behalf of one of the oldest and largest SEO focused digital agencies in the world: Ayima

Make a Molehill out of A Mountain: Enterprise SEO Consultancy

A look at the tactics and mindset required to perform SEO Consultancy effectively for an MNC. How to roll with the punches when you've been kept out of the loop, a report in a way that catches the c-suite's eye, and quickly push through site optimization changes that would normally take years to implement.

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