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Mike strives on a daily basis to master digital advertising by utilizing the latest and greatest techniques to create digital ad solutions that solve business goals in cost effective ways.

As the Paid Media Director at the Google Premier Partner Raleigh Marketing agency-Reunion Marketing, Mike (@AyerSpace) leads a team of digital strategists in all things paid media from SEM to Social Media Marketing. He's a seasoned digital marketing professional who has a portfolio that consists of hundreds of client in dozens of verticals across the country.

Like It Or Not – Your A Data Scientist. Time To Start Acting Like One.

Google has gone through monumental changes this past year truly changing search engine marketing for good. One of the reasons I love what I do is because the landscape is constantly changing, which means we, as digital marketers have to stay sharp, be ready to adapt, and harness that data.

This presentation will run through many of the recent Google AdWords updates and how you can use them effectively to amplify your marketing efforts. I'll share some easy and free data mining techniques I like to utilize to help synergize my paid campaigns and also other marketing channels. My overall goal is to give you a digital edge so your business can thrive.

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