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Jairus thinks search stuff is cool, but that people overcomplicate the easy parts and oversimplify the complicated stuff.

Jairus (@AnInternetRobot) has worked for small, mid-market and now enterprise. He's been an agency, freelance, and in-house. A wearer of many hats and a font of useless knowledge, he found his calling as a trivia ringer early (but that doesn't pay the bills, so he got into SEO).

Right now he is wrangling Red Hat's web ecosystem, where he spends a lot of time talking about query intent and linking structure. He likes beverages and consuming them with interesting people. Especially if they have strong opinions about things.

People search because they are looking for things.

Seriously, there is a reason.

Let's talk about what people do and why, and how we figure that out and build stuff for the questions that people are asking.

Yes, it is still a question if they leave out 80% of the words that would make it a complete sentence.

From Red Hat

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