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Following graduating from George Mason University with a degree in English/Creative Writing, George (@DasJorge) joined the world of SEO in 2007. First as a copywriter in the wild west days of press releases and article repositories, then as a strategist, developing long-term solutions for local clients that helped them address the needs of their audience in meaningful ways.

After jumping around the SEO agency world of Richmond, VA for several years I decided to go out on my own, forming my own agency in 2014 that blended aspects of SEO, content strategy, data analytics, and content marketing.

Following my wife to North Carolina I’ve worked as a bartender, in-house SEO for the largest hammock manufacturer in the country, and finally ended up as a content strategist at Centerline Digital, using my decade of experience to build strategies for companies like IBM.

The Alexa Effect: How Digital Assistants Will Impact Local Search & What To Do About It

Marketing has become increasingly local, with the focus on “buying local” running almost counter to the global marketplace that the internet and companies like Amazon have provided us with. But encouraging people to buy local is just one step, and new technology is emerging that allows you to more effectively provide value to a growing audience that’s concerned with buying from local businesses.

So how do you effectively target this audience? How do you leverage the new technologies to not only ensure that people can find you, but that the right people can find you? In this session, we’ll take a look at what “local search” means now, and what businesses need to do to ensure that an audience that increasingly relies on devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home to provide targeted, personal, local information can find them.

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