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Frank Jones began building websites professionally in 1999. He has worked with small and large businesses around the world to develop their content marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns. Today, he hosts events that help people learn to grow their business online. You can learn about upcoming free events at

Foundations of SEO

Do you need some help with keywords, meta tags, on-page optimization, keyword density, and other foundations of search engine optimization?

Even the most seasoned SEO expert should review the fundamentals from time to time. This is often where the biggest gains can be made because the simplest things are also the easiest to overlook.

We will discuss:

  1. How to identify keywords
  2. What meta tags are, which ones to use, and why
  3. Where to use keywords on your site
  4. How to check on-page optimization manually and automatically
  5. Keyword density, what is it, and why it does and doesn't matter
  6. Mobile first basics
  7. HTTPS basics
  8. Site speed basics
  9. Other fundamentals of SEO

Frank helps businesses drive sales using WordPress, and you can reach him on Twitter, LinkedIn or through the OptSus Twitter account

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