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Dave (@davespannhake) is the President and Founder of Reunion Marketing, one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the country that specializes in using data and consumer behavior to create highly effective marketing strategies. Reunion began its journey in the late spring of 2015 and have already grown into a team of nearly 40 digital marketing gurus who never grow tired of attacking the status quo and getting that much better every single day. That's one of the many reasons they became Google Premier Partners on its first day of eligibility - a status within Google's program held by the top 3% of companies within the program.

Similar successes have become commonplace for its partners. 85 percent have already experienced their all-time highs in organic traffic and nearly all of Reunion customers experience traffic and lead increases as they ramp up their digital marketing strategies. Reunion CTRs in paid search are four times most industry averages and their social media campaigns go through A/B/C/D/E/F/G-Z testing to scientifically ensure that marketing investments are not wasted. If you're ready to win with your digital strategies, ask Dave how you can use data to dominate your market.

Previous to founding Reunion Marketing, Dave and the founding team at Reunion created tremendous success working for a 33 store dealer group in North Carolina. During his time as the Marketing Director, the organization experienced a more than 400% increase in both website traffic and total leads, contributing towards sales growth that outpaced the market by nearly 600% during his final three years with the company.

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