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Senior Marketing Strategist at Walk West

Educational Speaker in SEO and Google Analytics with specialization in developing integrated marketing strategies and expert in on-site and off-site SEO execution. Casey Overcash (@CaseyOvercash) is an strategic marketing research analyst for online audience discovery and content creation direction. Search expertise is focused on organic search engine performance and goal-setting based site impressions, click-through rates, traffic, and conversions. Extensive industry knowledge in digital tech trends and Google Algorithm updates. Technical SEO and analytics consultant for clients and lead resource at Walk West in providing custom tracking for clients' KPIs.

Search Intent-Driven SEO Strategies

SEO is now about focusing on what humans are looking for to make a purchase or build a relationship with a brand, product or service. Matching personas to search intent rather than an intense keyword focus provides a better user experience and is becoming more rewarded in search engine results as well.

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