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Phil is a self-taught web technologist from way back in the 1990’s. He learned to love search engine optimization, social media, and digital strategy over the last 15 years. His blogging insights on how to save the newspaper industry were noticed by the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University but never by the newspaper company he was working at.

His super power is the ability to make the über-geek jabber understandable to mere mortals and to explain marketing speak in binary code.

He helped organized the country’s most successful SEO Meetup in Raleigh,NC. and started the Digital Marketing for Business conference in 2013. These days he helps PrecisionLender get their message out to the forward-thinking banks who are looking for ways to be more profitable and customer-driven.

Phil's specialties include marketing communications, content marketing, hiring superstars, active listening and the ability to single-task.

Only Boring People are Bored

In the immortal words of Betty Draper from Mad Men, "only boring people are bored." If you think your business is too boring to leverage content marketing, then you're either fairly dumb or you're doing it wrong.

Your company, your product or your tagline doesn't matter... your customers do. There's one page on your website called "About Us", everything else should be about them.

If you feel like you can't make it over the content marketing hurdle, come find out the 3 not-so-secret ways to start moving forward right now!

After the presentation, you can find the slides here.

Phil Buckley speaking at the Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference

About Phil Buckley

Developer turned SEO turned content evangelist.

Twitter: @1918

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Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference - Content Marketing for Boring Companies

Raleigh SEO Meetup Conference - Current Events & The Future of SEO

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