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Structured Data, Schema & Other Delights

Find out how the power and promise of structured data. It’s the future of the web and if you’re not riding this wave you will be left behind.

This session will be fairly nerdy, but even if you have never looked at HTML before you need to know it – it’s that important.

We were super excited to have AJ Kohn and David Amerland leading the discussion.
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2014 SEO Basics

Each January we encourage people who are scared of SEO and Internet Marketing to join us for our introduction to search engine optimization.

We focus on just the main things that you should be aware of when you are starting from zero. If you just started a site or have ever wondered how to appear higher up in the search results, this is for you.Continue reading

Ask Us Anything

The July Raleigh SEO Meetup was our first attempt at an “Ask Us Anything” panel. The idea is to allow people to ask experts questions that have been stumping them.

We were lucky enough to have some of the smartest people in the world available. The participants were split between live at the event (hosted by our friends at Atlantic Creative) and dialing in via Google Hangout.Continue reading

Search, Social & The Future of SEO

The May SEO Meetup came on the heels of Memorial Day weekend, but that didn’t stop Marty Martin from bringing his A game down to Raleigh for us.

Marty is a managing partner and search analyst for the Raleigh, North Carolina based Adapt Partners, a search and digital strategy agency. Marty has been working in the search industry since 2003 and specializes in technical SEO and the Magento and WordPress platforms.

Marty spent an hour or so talking about how search is being influenced by the social signals that are now flooding the Internet, especially Google+.
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Technical SEO Meetup via Google Hangouts on Air

We were lucky to have three SEO superstars present to the Raleigh SEO Meetup last night.

Alan Bleiweiss

Alan Bleiweiss

Alan Bleiweiss has been helping sites since the mid-1990’s figure out where they’re going wrong by providing best-in-class forensic SEO audits. He is a sought after speaker at SEO confrences all over the world and a regular contributor to industry sites like Search Engine Journal and Search Marketing Wisdom. Alan joined us via Google Hangout from beautiful Santa Monica, California.Continue reading

SEO Basics via Google Hangout on Air

Last night was the first time we broadcast our Meetup to the world. We used Google Hangouts on Air to share the SEO Basics presentation with anyone who wanted to learn. I was lucky enough to convince Ashley Berman Hale to join us for the inaugural Hangout on Air.

I was very happy to have the additional outlet because the response to the live event was overwhelming, 240 people registered to attend!

Thanks to Nikol at Talking Moose Media for handling all of the event details and getting us set up to broadcast. There were lots of technical challenges that Nikol took care of so the rest of us could just get on with the Meetup. After the wifi shortage, the lighting difficulties, someone’s hair burning against a flood light we finally got started about 10 minutes late…
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